Dear Jeremy, Rachel & Sylvain: Thank you for everything!

Hi @Jeremy & @Rachel!

A few of us wanted to treat you to a small surprise and a “virtual standing ovation”… a thank you from our hearts for everything you’ve done for us and the community. We want you to know that the fastai family is with you at this stressful time, the community is a two way street even if the livestream doesn’t feel so!

Many thanks to everyone who has helped make this happen at short notice, and thanks to @nbharatula for suggesting this idea… like always the family came together and we made this video in just under 2 days!

This was a last minute thing and we apologize that we couldn’t reach out to everyone, I’m sure fastai has been the favourite course for all of us and at this time, I invite you to join us in virtually thanking the awesome team. Please please add your videos, pics, notes to this thread so they continue to receive all the cheer they deserve!

Jeremy, Rachel and @sgugger.
Thanks again for everything :pray:

Names of the family members in the order as they appear for the first time in the video:

  • Alexandre Cadrin-Chênevert
  • Francisco Ingham
  • Hamel Husain
  • Kevin Bird
  • Me
  • Nirant K.
  • Daniel Bourke
  • Tuatini Godard
  • Angelina Yang
  • Christine Payne
  • Dmytro Mushkin
  • Nalini
  • James Requa
  • Sravya
  • James Dellinger
  • Hiromi
  • Suvash
  • Max
  • Ramesh Sampath
  • Jason Antic
  • Sarada Lee
  • Helena Sarin
  • Zachary Mueller
  • Andrew Shaw

I’m speechless and a little teary… Thank you thank you thank you


This is unbelievably touching and I feel honored. I don’t have adequate words to say how wonderful it was to watch this. Thank you all! You are amazing.


Well done guys. Needless to say I fully endirse your praises. I think we occasionally all feel that words are not enough to convey our gratitude, admiration and unity.
Oblivious of this great post I wrote a similar paragraph last night.
Cheers, Peter Kelly

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