Datasets config

From @tydlwav, creating this topic to continue the discussion if needed.

Feature Request

Separate configs in config.yml for downloaded data and untar destination.


I am running on my own desktop machine and I have an SSD for fast file storage, but I use a harddrive for archiving purposes and files that I don’t need all the time. To not use too much space on my SSD, I usually save my data on the HDD as a compressed file and then decompress them onto my SSD when I need them. This way, I can easily delete the whole data directory when I need to free up space.

To achieve this purpose, I need to set the config.yml data directory to my HDD and then specifically declare dest=“SOMEWHERE/ON/MY/SSD” when running notebooks. This is not so convenient and the trivial issue should be solved with less than 10 lines of code to get a quality of life improvement.

I’m willing to help

Hopefully you guys can consider this. I’m willing to fork, change the code and docs and submit a pull request if you guys approve of this.

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