Data.show_batch() not giving any output

I am trying audio classification using spectrograms. I have converted all the sound files into spectrograms and created a data bunch. However when I do

data.show_batch(rows=3, figsize=(7,6))

it runs successfully without giving an output. What is wrong here?
I can see the individual images by doing


but data.show_batch() doesn’t give anything.

EDIT: learn.recorder.plot() also won’t display anything.

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Can you show a little more of your code ? It’s hard to give you any advice without any error or more information.

I did a sound classification using spectograms and show_batch worked :

Thank you for responding. I haven’t committed that kernel but this is the kernel I was referring to for creating spectograms. If you look at his kernel (he hasn’t done data.show_batch()) there is no output for learn.recorder.plot().

getting the same issue, I’ve just started using fastai and when I ran data.show_batch() getting the issue TypeError: ‘list’ object is not callable