Data Science Job opportunities at Uber

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I was fortunate to be a part and have learned a ton from both the part 1 and part 2 of FastAI courses in-person. I am also constantly fascinated by the quality of discussions and the creativity of ideas by the students and alumni on these forums.

My team (AML) and a few other sister teams at Uber are looking for amazing Data Scientists to join our teams. If you would like to learn a bit more about problems we are working on or would like to apply for a position, the following information might be of interest.

Thank you Jeremy for letting us post this on the forum!


Data Science is everywhere at Uber. From detecting fraud, to helping riders onboard, to making an efficient marketplace, there’s a quantitative bent to everything we do. The Data Scientist roles at Uber that span from the generalists (getting experience across the entire quantitative spectrum) to the specialists (drilling deep into technical areas like ML or experimentation).

The generalist roles are ideal for those who have a little bit of everything in their resume (knowledge of statistics, coding experience in Python/R, and able to execute both ML + A/B testing analyses). That said, we also highly value communication skills since the roles are highly collaborative and you’ll need to communicate the results of your work with technical colleagues but also PMs and stakeholders. Great generalist roles include:

  • Data Scientist - Rider (link)
  • Data Science Manager - Customer Obsession (link)

For specialists, we seek multiple years of applied experience in a given field. For instance, for ML we would expect you to have worked in an environment where you’ve built prototype models offline, but also worked to deploy and monitor them. The hope is that you’ve gained sufficient expertise within a subset of this area that compliments our existing teams (i.e. recommender systems, computer vision, etc). This leads to a higher bar on certain technical fronts (usually coding and technical knowledge of the field in shand) but more relaxed expectations for other DS skill-sets (i.e. you don’t need depth in ML if you’re interviewing for an experimentation-specialist role). A couple great example of specialist roles include:

  • Data Scientist - Applied Machine Learning (link)
  • Data Scientist - Risk (Fraud) (link)


If you find one of these above roles interesting, please do the following:

  1. Apply online to the link above
  2. Drop a note to our recruiter Sarah ( with a subject line First Name, Last Name - FastAI

Note: Don’t forget to add links in your application to your:

  • Github projects
  • Open source contributions (fastai contributions)
  • Blog posts