Data/AI events in SF Bay Area

I’m relatively new in town and I know there are a lot of cool data/AI events in the Bay Area. I thought it’d be nice to get suggestions from locals on which events are worth attending, and perhaps go to some of them together.

Here are a few options I found:

AI NEXTCon Silicon Valley 18 (student discount $199)

PyCon Mini Talk (free)

2-day DataEngConf ($200+, and discount through meetup).

Fireside Chat w Ivy Ross, Google’s Head of Hardware Design ($20)


Here’s an opportunity that is likely to be of interest to a lot of you - a friend of mine is running Curiosity Conference 2018 on the topic of “AI and Education” on April 21. She asked me to pass on this message:

Dear students,

The 2018 Curiosity Conference is world’s first conference on AI & Education, to be held on April 21, 2018 at the Computer History Museum, Mountain View. The conference will feature speakers from AWS, NVidia, RoboTerra, Blippar, Accel, etc. and is for product managers, developers, educators, administrators and decision makers in business to share insights about direction, practices and cases in the intersection of AI and education.

The conference is now looking to recruit 5 to 6 coordinators who are undergraduate or graduate students taking AI classes, working on AI projects to: work with speaker coordination team and event team for about 8 hours before April 21, and then 8 hours on site of the conference day. The conference is able to provide a $1,000 AWS credit for a project the student is working on, plus transportation, meals and the $799 ticket for accessing workshops at the conference.
If you are interested, please send an email to with a subject line “Student Volunteer for Conference”.


For NLP lovers, this is happening on Saturday (and Jeremy seems to be hosting?)


Oh yeah there is that… :wink:

It’s the creators of spaCy. Should be really cool!


The Spacy event looks good.

I’m going to the MIT AI conference next week in SF.
A little pricy if you’re not an MIT alum, but heard that it was great from someone at another AI conference last year.

Can we have it recorded ? That would be great and useful for international fellows like me :slight_smile:

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I’ll try


Please do… really want to join/listen in on the event, but physically can not be there.


I’ll be going here this Thursday, 19 April 2018. It’s in Mountain view. Minimal parking on site but there’s plenty of parking across the street.

This is on tonight:

@shoof and I are going

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Tomorrow there is this event that’s basically a work session. I heard they are very open and all are welcome. There is also catered food :grinning::green_salad::stuffed_flatbread:

@sjdlloyd See you at the event! :slight_smile:

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Are you going ? I might join.

Chris really knows his stuff, you’ll have a good time! Tell him Brett says hi! :smile:

PyBay SF is happening in Aug and Call for Proposals ends Tomorrow Night (4/21). Check it out and submit a ML/AI Talk -


I’ll be speaking at the Berkeley Data Science Faire on Tuesday, May 8:

Also, you can apply to present a poster or demo (deadline May 1):


I’m going to this meetup tomorrow. This week’s topic is this Deepmind paper on deep reinforcement learning.

Hey All - Checkout the Genomics Hackathon in SF -

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This is cool. Seeing this late so missed it. :frowning:

I have some friends who work there and have discount codes as well, PM me if interested