Curing cancer with AI

Hello, I would like to start a project (and eventually, a company) on using AI for curing cancer

There are lots of good efforts for diagnostics (zerba, enlitic) on a radiology perspective, and that effort will continue

However, the questions that are yet to be addresses well are as follows:

  1. Is there a way to be able to tell the composition of cancer by its constituents (Guardant Health seems to have a good job in this regard)

  2. Once we know those constituents, if we were to have access to the genetic data of all the substances and medicines on the planet, could we find a way to see if any of those can be used as a cure to that particular cancer?

This will begin as a way of solving cancer, but it will be an excellent drug repurposing tool as well

AI should help us find patterns between drugs that are used for one diseaese, that can be re-purposed for another (like cancer)

IF any of you have other ideas, I would be glad to hear of those as well, and brainstorm here.

Thanks very much