Crestle is using wrong github repo for fast ai by default

It looks like when you create a new crestle account the notebooks on it are pointing to repo which is the wrong repository. The repo that we need is

If you are using crestle you may want to press new terminal and run git clone and when you reopen the jupyter notebook you should see a folder called fast ai.

I saw that there are 2 repositories under - fastai and fastai2. I then observed the expected course 2 repo directory structure under the fastai2 folder, including another courses directory, and under it dl1 etc.

Although I initially had difficulty getting it started, the lesson1-crestle notebook so far is working OK…

Yeah I think you are right under fastai2 folder is the correct lessons. Was a bit confused at first after going through the first bit of the notebook and realized it wasn’t any of the stuff we did in class.

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Getting Crestle Working - for Newbies

I’ve been following all the forum threads, and still it’s taken me a while to understand why Crestle wasn’t working and how to fix it. (Perhaps I am more of a newbie than I thought :upside_down_face: )

I wrote up Getting Crestle Working - for Newbies using everyone’s suggestions (thanks all!) and put the info in one place.


Awesome @reshama - thanks so much for sharing!

Just to clarify one thing - if you set up your crestle account within the last week or so, you’ll already have a folder courses/fastai2, which is the correct repo for this course.

I hesitated to necro this thread, but for those curious as about Reshama’s notes, they are here:

Not that you should need them (hence the hesitation). Because now, a year later (Nov 2018), what you get on Crestle is correctly setup such that you do not have to do a git clone/clone (or so I think early into lesson 1).

One more tidbit on a related topic: as of this writing, if you are working on the ml1 class where the first lesson is deep forest/bulldozer competition, you should disregard Crestle’s plea to use instead of .com. I believe the .ai site will be used for another revision of Jeremy’s class at some point in the near future.