Created a new project fastai_without_fastai. Feedback needed

I wanted to learn more about the library and how it is written, so I thought how about I implement important fastai functions like lr_find, recorder.plot and more in only PyTorch without fastai import.

The goal behind this was there were some cases where I needed to do something in PyTorch but I missed the fastai functions, so I started working on fastai_without_fastai (It was late at night so I could not come up with another name).

Currently, I have implemented lr_find and learn.recorder.plot. Next, I will do fit_one_cycle.



Learning to code fastai features is a great way to learn fastai internals. I tried to learn by looking at the source code… However, I think your approach makes more sense. I will give it a try! Thanks for sharing!


One thing that amazed me quite a bit is how beautifully the code is written and easy to follow.