Course v3 Applications of Deep Learning section?

Jeremy mentions in the part 2 course page towards the end of a Applications of Deep Learning section link
I believe it would be better if it comes out as Course v3 Part 3 rather than being a part of part-2
When would this be officially out?
Any Ballpark guess when this would be out and the contents of this?

Each lesson will be out when it’s done - they won’t be all released together.


is there still a plan to release such course? or are the lessons essentially the unnumbered notebooks that are in the dl2 folder, but no video lesson is expected?

It’s been pushed back until after fastai v2 is out - maybe after next year’s part 2 course. Not really sure just yet…


Iam interested in looking at the user bias instead of item bias in Lesson 5 . I tried it and i get the following error