Course Schedule (iCal Files)

Here are the link to all the lectures’ calendar event files (Every Monday at 18:30 PST for 7 weeks).

Hope this helps.



i have accepted in the part2 fellowship where can i log to watch the live lectures ?

Thanks for these. Seems like, once again the local time zone switches for me after the first lecture. DST garbage ! (but, that also means I get to wake up one hour later on the watch)

Here’s a link for the (schedule for) first lecture, (in case you don’t want to add things to a calendar).


I have filled the form long time back but still the forum icon for part 2 is appearing locked for me?

I don’t also have the link to access the first lecture?

please advise

It’s not yet started. You’ll get the link to the lecture once it gets started. The Lock says that it’s closed group with specific members only!