Course assignment marking and certificate?

Are the course assignments actually marked by anyone? Is there a way to pass the course? Is there a certificate or any accreditation after finishing the course?

Don’t think so. Maybe you can make all your different documented working projects based on the course your accreditation.

Thank you sheepish. Amazing that no-one else seems to know or care, given that this is by now, a pretty famous course in DL! Do you think I should post this somewhere else? But where would be better? I thought Part 1 2019 would get a lot of views and be relevant :slight_smile:

I believe it’s just if you go to the course in person that it’s accreduted in that form. However, I’ve gone through and made a different project for each example that is shown and put it into a portfolio of sorts so employers know what I can do and have applied, implying that I’ve gained the knowledge to do it (which to ME atleast is greater than a certificate saying you took a course)

That seems like an odd assumption. You already got an answer to your question - and there’s a lot of discussion throughout the course, in blog posts, and in many forum discussions about ways to show your capabilities to potential employers.