Cost of a deployment on Google Cloud

Hi everyone,

I just deployed a basic fastai web-app on Google App Engine (source code on github), and it’s costing me ~10$/day. This seems a lot to me and I wonder how I could reduce the bill… In particular, I’m pretty sure that I have almost zero human traffic on my web app, so I don’t understand why it would cost so much.

I tried looking at Google’s cost dashboards, but it’s very hard to get details on what is causing exactly the cost to be this high:

Here’s the app.yaml I used.

runtime: custom
env: flex
  cpu: 4
  memory_gb: 8.0
  disk_size_gb: 50

Does someone have any tip for reducing the cost of a deployment on Google? In particular, is there any recommended app.yaml that should be used (the one in fastai’s tutorial gave me an “memory error”, maybe because I’m using fastai v2)?

Thanks in advance for any help!