Copying of Kernels

I have published two kernels till now and both have been copied verbatim by others.
To give you the example, here is my kernel:
and here is the verbatim copy of it by some other user:

I don’t care about votes, but this is confusing others and I found that one person wrongly referenced the other kernel rather than mine.
Let me know of any solution

Best would be to just add a comment to the forked version and let people know it’s identical, so please it they wish to upvote or link, please link to yours. You can also reply to the person that linked to the fork with the same info - in particular, you can tell them that you’ve been updating your kernel, so it’s better for folks to see the most recent version (which won’t happen if they link to the fork).

(It’s not that they “copied” it BTW, but they used the ‘fork’ feature in kaggle kernels.)

PS: Nearly 100 votes!!! :smiley:

Thanks for the reply Jeremy, that would a subtle way.
I used word ‘copied’ since they didn’t add anything of there own, I am fine with someone forking and then adding his own work in the forked kernel and publishes.