Contributing to S4TF

Hey all,

I’ve read the contribution guides and I was just curious if there was any way I could help with S4TF that might be more closely related to fastai and the upcoming lessons. I’m an iOS/MacOS developer by day so I have quite a bit of Swift experience. I’d very gladly help out on documentation to get started. As far as I can tell the policy for adding docs is to just put up a PR (unless it’s massive). I’m aware there’s a Google group, but figured it might be a good idea to ask here first. Apologies if not.




Hi James,

Here’s a recent thread on the mailing list about documentation contributing. A good place to start is improving Python Interoperability tutorial.

In the future we will have more documentation tasks such as improving API doc generation. We are currently relying on jazzy but we feel our generated docs can be greatly improved. We’ll send out more information once we sort out a process there.


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Would be glad to help as well. I am definitely not a professional in Swift but probably would be able to deal with some “mundane” tasks and supplementary work. Also, I work with Python a lot so probably it could be helpful to have an experience with both languages.

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Thanks Richard, I just replied to the thread on the s4tf group.

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