Continuing Video Lessons vs. Reading All Fastbook Chapters

Absolutely love the course, and book. I also know myself and my spotty track record of completing courses.

Lesson 4 seems to relate to chapter 10, skipping several. Curious how others feel regarding order of operations: follow and finish the lessons in order (eventually going back to read the skipped chapters), vs. setting aside the time to not only read, but execute the skipped chapters prior to continuing to the next lesson.

I imagine there is no “right” answer, but also imagine I’m not the only one that has raised this question (though I couldn’t find it in past posts).

Thanks in advance!

What an interesting problem, I was just working on lesson 3 (which is based on chapter 4) and realized the third chapter of the book was skipped, so I first did the “bonus” that was based on chapter 3.

Personally, I will go through the chapters in the books in order and see how that pans out :slight_smile:
Lesson 7 however is based on chapter 8, so I assume I could safely defer that until the lesson.

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FWIW I’ve been going through the video lessons in order and referring back to the book where necessary/applicable. My sense is that the 2022 course would be much more up to date (especially around some subjects, like NLP) than the book.

Another point is that video lesson don’t follow book chapter in order.
Lesson 4 draws from chapter 4 and 10.
Lesson 5 draws from chapter 4 and 9.


I didn’t realize it jumped around to that extent - thanks. I’ll probably follow the videos and supplement them with ad hoc reading.