Congrats to Brendan and Anurag

I’d like to say a special thanks and congratulations to @brendan and @anurag , who are our first community members to have been recognized with trust level 3 on these forums. I selected these two in a data driven way, of course! They are our only members (other than @rachel and I) who have received 10 likes for a post or reply. Furthermore, @anurag has created a docker image that many of you have found helpful, and @brendan has written a very thorough and clear writeup of how to build a deep learning box from scratch. And of course they’ve both been consistently helpful and patient in helping others in this community.

Giving trust level 3 to members of the community is an important first step in making this community independent and ensuring it’s long term success. The best people to manage a community are the members of that community! Trust level 3 members are able to rename topics, flag new user posts as spam to have them instantly hidden, have access to an exclusive forum category, and various other privileges. Other users can automatically be granted these privileges by reaching these criteria.

Many thanks again! And please help others be recognized by being sure to ‘like’ any posts that you’ve found helpful.


Thanks Jeremy. I am a big fan of this community because it’s the only one of its kind: engineers focused on learning the best techniques in AI while helping each other out; not just with the theory but also with the tools and infrastructure that are so crucial to adoption of AI in the industry. We need many more developers in the field and thanks to the work you and Rachel are doing we’re well on our way there.


Thanks Jeremy! Now I have extra Likes to give out! :slight_smile:


Congrats @brendon. Love it!

How can we reach you directly for help solving problem that we face during learning?

Post on the forums, someone will usually respond.

I think the forum here is a great addition to an already great course. A nice place where you can discuss ML and don’t have to be afraid to ask stupid questions.

Congrats and thanks to @Matthew, @davecg, @sravya8, @radek, all of whom I’ve added to this group - each has received a ‘like’ on at least 20 posts, which shows how many different people they’ve helped in many different situations. I’m so happy to see this forum becoming such a great place for deep learning practitioners to help each other out! :slight_smile:


Thanks @jeremy! I feel privileged to be part of this community. Great for learning Deep learning but I am also happy to be making some good friends here in the process :slight_smile:


Thanks @jeremy! This course is a lot of fun and a great resource for anyone interested in deep learning. Thank you for the opportunity and I’m happy to be a part of it. :slight_smile: