Conditional DCGAN with MNIST

hi everyone, I’m new to this beautiful world.
Recently thanks to my university I am discovering the wonders of deep learning.
I recently tried to write a gan architecture, and it seems to work very well, but I need to compare my GAN’s FID with a cDCGAN (conditional DCGAN).
So I tried to write one, helping me with what I found on the net.
The problem with my cDCGAN (MNIST dataset) is that it always generates the same number for each row, even giving a different noise, it always generates the same 0, the same 1 … etcexample
I put the whole code on pastebin:

code of my cDCGAN
the goal is to generate a different number for each row, like this:
generazione github 20
Can anyone kindly tell me how to do?
Thanks in advance!