Conda env and jupyter notebook

Even though I am using a conda env with python 3.6 my jupyter notebook opened from this env is using python 3.4. What might be the reason ?

From your jupyter root, you should be able to start a new notebook from a specific python version (or location).

Using my new env I’ve installed torch but jupyter notebook opened from that env can’t import it ?

Problem Solved: There’ll be a kernelspec somewhere which is pointing it to a different Python. We really need to redesign that system. Run jupyter kernelspec list in a terminal to see what kernels it knows about. It will point you to directories which contain kernel.json files - one of those will be pointing it to the wrong Python.

Modifying that json file and specifying the path that has the packages installed fixed it. Thanks !

@yinterian @jeremy could u tell the specs of ur Deep learning box ?