Collaborate with WAMRI

What is WAMRI?

The Wicklow AI in Medicine Research Initiative (WAMRI) provides researchers the opportunity to develop artificial intelligence models to advance medical research across areas including oncology, cardiology, neurology, and more.

WAMRI, launched by USF’s Data Institute in 2018, is expanding and wants you to join! Previous projects brought AI engineers together with medical researchers from UCSF, Harvard, and Scripps.

Who should join WAMRI?

If you are a scientist with data or an engineer interested in applying your AI experience to medical problems please fill out this form and introduce yourself below.

If you have questions, feel free to write them below or email

What type of data makes a good project?

Anything really! Imaging, text, tabular, genomic, or even a mixture of types.

What is the end result of a WAMRI collaboration?

The aim is to produce an academic paper or something similar that can be shared with other researchers.

Key words: bioinformatics computational biology genetics genomics MRI microscopy biology