Collab filtering Movie Predictions

I have searched everywhere and I cannot find a way to get information out of the learner in lesson4-collab.ipynb. How can you recommend movies to users? I have seen some posts that use get_idx but when ever we run this we get the following message. Even when using the MovieLens 100K data.
You’re trying to access an item that isn’t in the training data.
If it was in your original data, it may have been split such that it’s only in the validation set now.

To predict you can do learn.predict() and pass in a row.

Sorry for the late response. I was not getting notified of responses. When we try to use the learn.predict we get different errors depending on which way we add something
learn.predict(1) throws error
KeyError: ‘userId’
learn.predict([1]) throws error
KeyError: ‘userId’
learn.predict(userId[1]) throws error
NameError: name ‘userId’ is not defined

Thanks for your help