CNN for cartoons?

Hi there!

I know Jeremy had an answered a question about classifying cartoons in lesson 2 v1. That a model trained on imagenet won’t really apply. I wonder if any of you have found a pre trained network for cartoons at all. I’m looking to do a small project where I can identify specific characters from The Simpsons.

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There is a very good research report from cs231n which discusses the
Classifying Disney Characters from Commercial Merchandise using
Convolutional Neural Networks
It will provide a very good starting point.

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Hi @agmcleod,

I m looking to play with a similar project to classify cartoon characters based on scanned comic books.

I was wondering if you had any success with ur Simpsons project?

It wasn’t a project I ended up doing. A few of us at work decided to do a kaggle competition instead, each of us trying different models. This might still be something I pursue down the road.