Classification Interpretation: Not enough memory (RAM)

I am training a classifier on Quick Draw data subset (340,000 samples). I am using this line to get most confused classes:


However, this command raises an error:

RuntimeError                              Traceback (most recent call last)
<ipython-input-26-06171ec66e30> in <module>
----> 1 interp.most_confused()

~/code/fastai_v1/repo/fastai/vision/ in most_confused(self, min_val)
    117     def most_confused(self, min_val:int=1)->Collection[Tuple[str,str,int]]:
    118         "Sorted descending list of largest non-diagonal entries of confusion matrix"
--> 119         cm = self.confusion_matrix()
    120         np.fill_diagonal(cm, 0)
    121         res = [([i],[j],cm[i,j])

~/code/fastai_v1/repo/fastai/vision/ in confusion_matrix(self)
     92         "Confusion matrix as an `np.ndarray`."
     93         x=torch.arange(0,
---> 94         cm = ((self.pred_class==x[:,None]) & (self.y_true==x[:,None,None])).sum(2)
     95         return to_np(cm)

RuntimeError: $ Torch: not enough memory: you tried to allocate 36GB. Buy new RAM! at /opt/conda/conda-bld/pytorch-nightly_1539863931710/work/aten/src/TH/THGeneral.cpp:204

The reason is that this line creates a matrix with shape (340, 340000) due to broadcasting:


And, then it creates another matrics with the same size:


Therefore, my question is, could we somehow compute this thing iteratively instead of broadcasting? Probably the current version of ClassificationInterpretation class is not too scalable?

And, as a general question, how do you usually compute metrics for huge datasets? Or is it unreasonable to carry out such kind of analysis for big datasets?


Hi Ilia,

same error here! It is a bit weird that even so huge matrices required 36GB, isn’t it?

update: I’ve tried to break up the code into separate lines.
it turned out, that problem occurs when applying .sum(2) to the tensor.

It is either pytorch memory leak or something that I don;t yen understand

created an issue

implemented a fix locally, will do a pull request soon

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pull request:


Hi Vitaliy, that’s great! :tada:

For a future reference, an iterative computation of confusion matrix was introduced in PR #1022.