Class start time 6PM or 6:30PM PST?

There seem to be two different time I got through email regarding the class start time at San Francisco on Monday Oct 30st.

Is it 6PM PST or 6:30PM PST?

It’s 6.30p, although some people tend to come early to meet with other students. The room is open from 5.30p.


It’s 30th of October, right?

Right, Mon 30th. I’ll edit the original post so others won’t get confused!

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How about international students?
When should we start coming into the forum to wait for the class start?
Will you start youtube live a bit before 6.30 or 6.00?

Stream will start roughly whenever I get it set up… :wink:

In practice, that might be 10-15 mins before official start time.

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Here’s an easy tool to figure out time conversions, esp. given the daylight changes coming in effect at various points/places this week. Hopefully, I’m tracking PST(PDT right now) correctly.|2

But… first monday still PDT, not PST, right? Quite important question so that many of us international students don’t miss a precious hour of the lesson;

This post mentions hour of first monday class in PST, Pacific Standard Time. I can be wrong but I think California is still with PDT until next week, so first monday (tomorrow) lesson will take place at 6:30 pm PDT.

Jeremy, if you find the time maybe you can confirm this minor but important detail.

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It’s 6.30p in San Francisco. Here’s the time in your time zone:


Can you share the link for the stream?