Cells in Jupyter NB Not Running

I just started the class about a week ago. I have been using Crestle to run the code from Lesson One. With the GPU running, I keep facing a recurring problem. At some point while trying to work through the file, Shift+Enter stops working (i.e. Jupyter stops producing output for cells which should have output). I have tried restarting the Kernel multiple times as well as clearing all cell outputs. However, regardless of the combination of attempted fixes, I cannot get the notebook to run all the way to the end. I am using a Mac and am fairly new to Jupyter. Thanks ahead of time for your help!

It might be so that the kernel is busy executing the previous cell…

Aditya, thanks for your reply. I had a similar thought. So I have been in the habit of waiting to get output before running the next cell. In order to test this theory, I created some simple simple statements, to run one per cell and placed several of these cells in the beginning of the notebook, such as:

5 + 5

But sometimes, no matter what I do, the output never displays. So I find myself, after kernel restarts, turning off the notebook and turning it on again in Crestle, which sometime helps. I feel instinctively like there is something I must be missing. Unless, Crestle is having issues with bandwidth on the backend.

Also if the lastine is having a semicolon at the end, then no output

Can you share your notebook

Aditya, thanks for your response. It’s just the Course 1: Lesson 1 NB with some minor tweaks. I am going to spend the next couple of days doing some Jupyter NB training. We’ll see if that doesn’t resolve the issue. If not, I will definitely post the NB.

Where exactly is the problem?

So here is my NB. Basically, the same as the original, with a few added cells and some minor customizations to calculate runtime. So, for example, the sixth cell (which I added). Sometimes it refuses to run [no output], no matter how many times I refresh the kernel or clear outputs. Same goes for the next cell, which is part of the original notebook.

My version of the Lesson One NB.

Aditya, thanks for your help. It seems that the issue was due to my unfamiliarity with Jupyter and not waiting for the previous cells to finish running before running subsequent cells.