Capsule Networks?

Hey @Jeremy

Just wanted to ask if we will cover Capsule Networks in the duration of this course.

Note: Hope this is the right way to ask this question. Still getting used to the forum etiquette. (Guidance appreciated.)


Interested to know as well! :smiley:

(Until we find out)


Thanks @jsonm, will definitely check it out! :slight_smile:

This is a good tutorial as well:

Hi, I am interested in this too. Professor Hinton, is definitely on to something :thinking:

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I don’t think we’ll have time to cover capsule networks this time around, unfortunately. But it would be an interesting class project if anyone wants to try to create a notebook and fastai integration showing what they are and how to use them.


That’s too bad, capsule networks seem super useful. Maybe in a part 3…

I have this implementation:


That’s a very nice notebook :slight_smile: Look forward to reading it more closely when I get around to learning about caps nets

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I like this a lot! I’d like to share this on twitter - do you have a twitter handle I can credit?

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Hey, @jeremy, thanks!
My twitter handle is @arthurcburigo :blush:

Very nice!!

If anyone’s still interested, there’s a bunch of implementations for Capsule Networks here -


Thats very nice. Thank You for sharing.