Can't understand audio of lesson 4 and 7

When watching lessons 4 and 7 I find the audio heavily distorted, which prevents me from understanding what is said. I heared the caption generation also failed for these lessons. Is this a general problem that everyone experiences? And does anybody know a way to clean up the sound or an alternarive way to follow these lectures?

If you are using Windows, try turning off mono audio in the audio settings

I use android to watch the videos, but turning mono on and off doesn’t solve the problem.

I was having problems on lesson 1 (still havent tried out the other lessons).
I am on Windows so I will give what nandakumar suggested a try

Thank you for the suggestion. I switched to youtube on my playstation and the sound was fine. But I do think it is strange that it was so bad on my phone, I never had a problem like that before.