Can I use Salamander for the new course (Aug 2020) that uses fastai v2?

I have been working on v1 of the course and am just getting used to my Salamander environment. I am excited to start working with the new fastaiWill I run into issues using salamander if I want to do the fastai v2 course? Should i just change over to Colab or Gradient?

Hi td101 hope you are well!
If you go to the couree site and select the link Practical Deep Learning for Coders you will see it hasn’t been added to the list of supported environments.

You could possibly have a try! hopefully if the are some other salamander users they could help to check if it’s possible.

I read in another post someone was trying to get it working on Windows 10. which is not supported.

Jeremy asked them to try and do a post if they got it working.

You could possibly look at the other environments for tips etc.

Hope this helps.

mrfabulous1 :smiley: :smiley: