Can i run the tutorials without using gpu?

i have been trying to run the part 1 of deep learning tutorials… firstly, the fastai module was not understood by the jupyter notebook, i have followed each line very specifically so i have this question that i dont have nvidia gpu on my system so will the tutorials run without the gpu or it’s dependencies like cuda or something else idk … plz help

Hi… you don’t need a GPU in your system exactly to follow the course. Even if you did you might need a very good one :). You can use some freely available resources like Google Colab.

The above link has a server setup section for you to refer to on how to get started with platforms like Google Colab.

You’ll likely run into a CUDA error if you dont have a NVIDEA gpu on your system. You might have to transfer everything (model, batchtfms(if you’re using fastaiv2), etc) to the cpu, which is quite a headache. I recommend you do this course on a remote server, like GCP or Colab.


thanks for the reply