Call for volunteers: TWiML & AI x Remote Study Group Hosts

The TWiML & AI x Deep Learning From the Foundations Study Group will wrap up on December 7th.

We are thinking about next steps, where the TWiML & AI x Slack community can go from here to leverage AI learning opportunities via Fastai and other AI learning experiences. @sam charrington, who created this community, continues to support our efforts.

There are already plans for study groups for
– Kaggle,
– Fastai A Code-first Introduction to NLP,
– Fastai Practical Deep Learning For Coders
– AI Enterprise Workflow

So I have a couple questions for you:

(1) Any of you interested in stepping up to run another iteration of the Deep Learning From the Foundations Study Group? I’m sure I speak for the rest of us when I say we’ll help in any way we can to provide guidance and support. So though it would be your baby, you won’t be on your own.

You can run it alone or team up with others if you want. You can use and/or adapt/modify/improve the annotated notebooks I developed and pushed to the git repo at

(2) Perhaps someone wants to start a Study Group for another run through Stanford’s NLP course, or even another one of Stanford’s AI classes?

(3) Host a paper-reading study group?

(4) Host a team to help Fastai develop its library?

(5) Host a study group for the ML course offered by Open Data Science ?

(6) Code walk-throughs of fastai version 2 library

(7) Statistical Learning course from Stanford Lagunitas

The sky’s (almost) the limit. The only real constraint is that the Study Groups cannot schedule overlapping Zoom meetings. This becomes more of a problem the more study groups we support.

The remote study groups generally meet once per week for an hour or so using Zoom Meetings, and communicate via Slack in between.

What say you? If interested in hosting a Remote Study Group, please respond to this post, describing the topic of your proposed study group.