Bug: Salamander.ai Student Discount Captcha

The Captcha on the Salamander.ai Reedem AWS Coupon for students is not working, which means that anyone trying to redeem the 75$ student discount is unable to.

Steps to Duplicate Issue:

  • Create new account salamander.ai/login
  • Click “Are you a student? If yes, you can get $75 free credits
  • Captcha at bottom of page will always say “Captcha entry is incorrect”
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I got the same problem
@cabbagelover25 did you find any solution you found to this

@spacecadet I couldn’t get past the problem so I just used the Google Cloud set-up. Gl

I dont know what the issue is, I have 40 dollars aws student coupon, I am unable to redeem it. I get same captcha every time I fill it and after a minute an error pops up with message

" Cannot read property ‘click’ of null"

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