Broken "terminal tutorial" link in the book's Jupyter Notebook appendix


The link to a terminal tutorial in app_jupyter.ipynb does not work:

Does anyone know where the terminal tutorial is, if it still exists?

I searched around for it (mostly so I could submit a fix to the notebook), but did not find anything.

Here’s the excerpt where the link is:

Don’t know how to use the Terminal?
We made a tutorial for that as well. You can find it here.

And here’s a link to the notebook on GitHub:

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thanks, but I still don’t see a link to a terminal tutorial

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Found it!

It’s good!

All I needed to find it was a Google search for “terminal tutorial” (duh!)

Now to do a pull request to update the page in fastbook…

Maybe later!

I’m confused. This broken link issue was already corrected with a pull request on March 8, merged into master by Jeremy Howard on March 15, see link below.

But the error remains, and I see no trace of the merge in app_jupyter.ipynb's commit history (see log below).

I guess I could just submit the correction again with a new pull request… But am I looking at the wrong thing? How could the correction disappear without a trace? Maybe Sylvain’s Update on March 17 (see log below) overwrote earlier corrections?..

Here’s the commit log:

~/fastbook$ git log app_jupyter.ipynb
commit d93ae33d92ccb3803308dab0a6b0ba499da708e8
Author: Jeremy Howard <>
Date:   Thu Sep 3 16:50:15 2020 -0700


commit efff9626b09eb5ae3d83449c3830856abe6d8d53
Author: Jeremy Howard <>
Date:   Fri Aug 21 12:36:27 2020 -0700


commit 5cf040c55c7da95167595ffa815499d37eb266f2
Author: Jeremy Howard <>
Date:   Tue Aug 18 07:48:52 2020 -0700


commit d6f28f33c3620552d3edfa8c69b2c7344a7930fe
Author: Parul Pandey <>
Date:   Sat Jul 25 16:06:24 2020 +0530

    Minor typo fix

    Corrected the spelling of beginning in the given line: This command is always called together at the `beggining` of every notebook of the course

commit dfae482ec67240f6a0821dba5a7b17df94a08eeb
Author: Joe Bender <>
Date:   Mon Apr 20 14:27:40 2020 -0400

    Fix writing errors

commit a32f57183aa2cb89df06c47af362e6745e74fd7c
Author: Sylvain Gugger <>
Date:   Tue Mar 17 12:15:55 2020 -0700


commit b2f1c12d4c4cf6f35cda012688b104d430d6f10a
Author: Sylvain Gugger <>
Date:   Fri Mar 6 10:19:03 2020 -0800

    Update and add clean

commit 0a3a554230f7fe9468edc63acb70de043d16f34c
Author: Jeremy Howard <>
Date:   Fri Feb 28 11:44:06 2020 -0800

    init commit
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