Brief presentation on -- what would you include?

Hello all you smart people :slight_smile:

I’ve signed myself up to do a short (7 min. max) talk on the library and course at a local PyData meet up next week.

My goal is to give an overview of the benefits of the library and what’s covered in the two parts of the course, and then provide links so people who are interested can investigate more (and then hopefully take the course and use the library, of course!) My audience is likely more familiar with machine learning than deep learning.

I’ve got some ideas of my own, but since it’s become clear from the class discussion and the forums that you all are way smarter than I am, I thought I would ask you all what you would include in such a presentation.

Remember, I’ve only got 7 minutes . . .

All suggestions welcome!


Cats & Dogs - Transfer Learning

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A link to the abbreviations list at the start or end. A lot of people would be confused with the short hand used in the library. The abbreviations list would help.

and link to some interesting blogs that people might have written to use it. Code examples are helpful when I want to start using a new library.

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Wow, congratulations!
I’d focus on the ease of use of the library! To do this, the “7 lines of code” mantra of Part 1 would be the best approach in my opinion.
In 7 minutes, and for an audience not expert in deep learning, you could be able to convey the usability-message (“state of the art results in one page of code!”).

Edit: dogs and cats might be the example that most people will point you to, but if your field is EHR I’d focus on note classification/language models! Trying to explain the Rossmann competition in 7 minutes might be fun…