Biomedical informatics using fast ai

how do i start of with biomedical projects/ learning using fast ai .
any suggestions would be greatly appreciated .

The question is very generic. What do you want (or have?) to do exactly? In general, if you want to start something on a domain, you first learn about the domain, then search a dataset on that domain and work on it, but ā€œbiomedical informaticsā€ is very largeā€¦

are you working in the same field ?

the issue is: which field? I know about WSI, but almost nothing about MRI :slight_smile:
Biomedical informatics is large.

Application of data science in medicine
Machine learning for healthcare and causal inference
Systems biology and protein modeling
Computational neuroscience
If folks have worked on this , Would really appreciate your comments on this . Would like to start a conversations on what these fields really do , and why do they need deep learning for it ? if not deep learning why need ML or computer science in it ?

so you use computer vision ? how do make for lack of knowledge in biology , assuming you are not into biology prior to this .

I am working on two areas since many years. The main consideration is: biomedical informatics is an interdisciplinary area, and working alone without interacting with domain experts is good only to have a glimpse.
A more practical suggestion: pick one field you like and read scientific papers about machine learning applied to that field. This way you will know what is being done is the specific field.

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do you have any paper suggestions ?

Again, you have to pick one field. Biomedical Informatics is extremely large.
If you search for papers about deep learning on PubMed (which is the appropriate place for that), you will find 61000 papers.

got it . Thank you for the advice . :smiley: