Binder 404 error

I try to make my code into web app but I get 404 error on binder.
What should I do to solve it?


I have the same issue. I read that voila does not work on google colab so I tried to see whether I can use a local file. I also installed “appmode” which apparently has some similar features to Voila. As far as I can see appmode does not get installed on colab either. Any experience with that?

I used the following lines:

!pip install appmode

!jupyter nbextension enable --py --sys-prefix appmode

!jupyter serverextension enable --py --sys-prefix appmode

I actually don’t what exactly I should put in for the URL of the notebook when it is locally saved. I assume it cannot be localhost:xxx right? I read on a page that somebody bound a locally saved notebook but I did not really get how exactly.
I am still running on windows, would it make a difference?

Any suggestion?


Thanks for this tips.

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