Best recommended AWS for the course

Struggling not to leave myself with a big bill, and finding good AWS server recommendations. I know this is like asking what colour is Blue, but any recommendations.

I have a t2.2xlarge, 32GB of memory and EBS only



If you don’t have a strong preference for AWS, GCP is much easier to use. You can stop your instance, won’t be billed for it when stopped (only the disk space) and you can easily bring it back up. This is a very useful functionality that is not easily achieved with AWS.

For the earlier lectures, anything with a GPU would do. For heavier workloads V100s are the way to go. Given how easy data persistence is with GCP you might want to go the preemptible instances route for additional savings.


Thanks @radek. I am tied into AWS as I have Alexa skills out there that are earning me FREE credits :slight_smile: So I am trying as much as possible to FREE because, well happy wife, happy life :slight_smile:


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Long long time I wrote this. It is a bit convoluted so not sure if it is worth following, but not sure better option for using spot instances exists.

For any of the lecture notebooks I would start with an instance with K80 (I think that is what a p2.xlarge has IIRC) and only should things be taking a very long time would I switch to p3.2xlarge.

Best of luck!

Cheers, thanks for the share.

Did you consider using that makes it easier to use on AWS.

Thank you Vishnu. I have AWS credits I’m trying to use, but after digging around this is my definite backup. Thank you so much.