Kaggle competiton! Help in extracting the praquet image file in colab

I am unable to extract the image file from kaggle site to image format in colab. I don’t wanna copy paste the code. I know there must be an easy way to do that, I don’t wann copy paste the code. It’s been 8hours straight i din’t found the solution. Help me out here.

If you are interested in teaming up for this Kaggle contest and learning together… let me know.

@charliec I’ve exported my Colab notebook, though I couldn’t make a successful submission due to various errors that Kaggle throws at me, I think I made decent notebook. This uses fastai v1, have a look here. If anyone could make a successful submission using my notebook or found any bugs on this notebook please ping me, I’m still figuring out kaggle kernel competitions, that would help me a lot.

Let’s team up. I was thinking to create 3 heads for this contest. Each one for each category.

I’m using version 3 so can’t really help with version 1.