Beginners of FastAI: how to deal with people or employers who do not know it

I am one of the people without any background or qualifications in science, maths or programming (I have a bachelor degree in translation and master degree in management). So recently, I got hooked into the data analytics and data science and I did a few online courses including Datacamp and Udemy courses but still feel not comfortable with data science and machine learning and I am working on projects. I did also the Machine Learning of fastAI, too, and I really enjoy it!

So given the background for the root of my question and building on the hypothesis of securing an interview or even an entry job, I would like to know how to cope with the people/experts/employers in the field who do not know fastAI. I guess if you bring a solution by fastAI libraries, they will be excited but I also read on the internet that some people prefer that a beginner should use standard libraries in python and that they will even not pay attention to you or your code if it is not in standard python libraries.

I know that fastAI delivers faster results and automates things. I heard some people who actually graduated that they will be promoters or even advocates of fastAI. Taking into account that I am a beginner and emphasizing the difficulty of entering the field for people like me, how to proceed with fastAI?

Should I use fastAI as a fast way of getting results and then, redoing the whole thing in standard python?

I would like to hear the experience of the people in this matter…

Thank you,

fastai has many similarities to PyTorch, so lead with that to them. It’s built on top of it and utilizes it internally for a number of things. Also, fastai is a training framework, to them, they’d probably care about knowing deployment is with regular PyTorch (or can be). Others can chime in their thoughts too!


I agree with @muellerzr and would add that it creates a lot of value on top of PyTorch. If an employer doesn’t know fastai, try to explain to him/her why it is a great framework and what are the benefits.

If you continue the fastai learning journey, you will learn PyTorch and Python along the way sooner or later. E.g. in the current DL part 2 you will learn how to implement large parts of fastai v1 from scratch.