Beginner: Using Colab or Kaggle ✅

If you have any questions about getting things working in Colab or Kaggle Notebooks, please post them here.

Anybody else seeing Kaggle notebook spin for 10 mins and counting just doing the pip install?


I think you have internet disabled inside the notebook-could you please enable, restart the notebook and try again please?

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@jwuq this is uncommon. I would reload the page and rerun the notebook

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How do you enable internet inside the notebook?

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Thanks @init_27 - I have to phone verify my account to get GPU and internet. Hopefully that’ll sort it out

  1. Please toggle the sidebar (its next to the “save version” button)
  2. Please enable internet here and also select GPU in the accelerator options for faster training speeds :smiley:

Any tips :sweat_smile:

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Are you installing locally or is this from Kaggle?

On Kaggle in Chrome on Windows.

It should still run fine, I had the same warnings on kaggle and just ignored them.


FYI, I’ve added this to the top of the notebook now so people will know about this issue in the future:


I got the same error. I re-ran the cell and it ran fine. I think this can be ignored.

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If anyone is having trouble running pip install fastai in a Kaggle kernel, getting errors complaining about Temporary failure in name resolution (or a connectivity error), make sure your Internet is switched to on under Settings in the right-hand menu:


If you don’t see the option for turning on Internet under Settings, it’s because the new account requires phone verification.

Hope that helps someone :+1:


it is pre-installed in kaggle…

Someone sent me a question about how to deal with this error when running a notebook in Kaggle:

The answer is - don’t worry about it. It’s just a bunch of spurious warnings which you can ignore. You’ll find that the latest version of fastai has gotten installed successfully, despite pip’s big red “ERROR”!


Hey guys, I was trying last week to run a notebook through Kaggle, but it seems as if I need to verify my account with a phone number (but it didn’t work for me, tried contacting Kaggle but haven’t heard back yet). Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Yeah this is a new thing they added, everyone needs to be verified on Kaggle to use some features like Internet connection in Kaggle Notebooks.


Yes, Javi. This is normal if you want internet connectivity and GPU usage.