Beginner friendy resources for python

For those of you more or less familiar with programming, but new to python I highly recommend this book:


  1. It’s free.
  2. It’s self paced, so you can skip easy parts.
  3. It is focused on practical stuff, so you can write your scripts that will be useful pretty fast.
  4. It is really beginner friendly without dumming stuff down.

I was able to write my own python scripts (i use python instead of bash for small automation, because it is more maintainable), after few lessons.

If you prefer videos, they have link on main page for udemy course for 10$.

For Pandas/numpy/matplotlib: It is paid, but if you register here: you can get 2 months (as far as I remember) of free membership which is more than enough to get your feet wet.

It is extremely beginner friendly with even too much hand holding, but it is a very nice start that won’t overwhelm you.

6 Likes is another great reference with short examples/recipes on Python, Data Wrangling etc.


One can also go through the tutorials given at Scipy 2018. It includes all from beginner level python to ML in scikit-learn along with matplotlib and pandas.

Link :