Bbox turns images black & white

(Kevin Bird) #1

When I use, the image displays in black and white, but if I just do it displays in bluescale. Here is an example:

        bbox = ImageBBox.create(bbs, *img.size, labels=lbs)[0], y=bbox)


        bbox = ImageBBox.create(bbs, *img.size, labels=lbs)[0])#, y=bbox)


I haven’t been able to track down why that’s happening yet, but I though it was interesting.

Edit: This is fixed now

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #2

The bounding box stuff is not released - it’s under active development. I’d suggest holding off a week or two if you’re using it. No need to tell us about things that aren’t working here at the moment - we know it’s not working :slight_smile:

(Kevin Bird) #3

Is there a way to see what is released versus what is being actively developed? I guess is there anything that you do want reported as not working as intended at this point or would you be interested in it if I had a solution identified for the issue or is it best to just stay out of the new library entirely for now.

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #4

That’s the only feature that’s being worked on right now. Anything that is documented (in is stuff that you should expect to work.

(Kevin Bird) #5

Awesome, I will report things that are in then and I will try to give a better idea of how they should be fixed too. So far I have really had a good experience with the new library. I like the layout and I think the documentation is looking really promising so far.