Bayesian methods

Lately I’ve been reading some posts and tools using Bayesian methods getting much better results and better learning curves than Deep Learning methods.

Are we going to cover any bayesian methods in part 2?

I’ve not seen any bayesian methods get state of the art results, so I wasn’t planning to go into them in any detail. I’ve seen a lot of claims made in blog posts, but I haven’t seen experimental results that really back them up.

I was planning to briefly mention variational methods after we discuss GANs, but they’re not performing as well as WGAN so it was going to be a brief diversion for those interested in learning more.

If you have some specific results you can point me to which seem to show superior results, I’ll take a closer look.

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@jeremy this is one of the posts I’ve seen but no code to back it

Yeah OK… startup marketing material doesn’t count as compelling evidence. :wink: