Bash Script to Manage your EC2 ML Machine

This is a simple script I created to manage a Machine Learning EC2 instance I use for Deep Learning projects. It could be useful:


1. Edit the file and change:



2. Make script executable

$ chmod +x cloud-lab/

Optional: Add script to path

Modify your path to add the directory where your script is located:

export PATH=$PATH:/appropriate/directory

(typically, you want $HOME/bin for storing your own scripts)

Optional: Create alias to script

Add to your .bashrc or .zhsrc

alias cloud-lab=“”


Starts instance and log into it when it’s ready

$ lab start

Create a ssh tunnel on that port

$ lab tunnel 8888

Stop instance

$ lab stop

Show instance status

$ lab status

SSH into instance

$ lab login

Download file from instance

$ lab download /machine-file-path /path-where-to-save-file

Upload file to instance

$ lab upload /local-file-path /machine-path-to-save-file

Change instance type

The machine needs to be stopped before changing instance type

$ lab update instance_type_name

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