AWS: Move To Another Computer Help?

I just got a new computer (Mac BP), and want to move my AWS access to the new computer.

Background: Wasn’t sure how to start, so I decided to create a new user and configure my AWS on my new computer to that user’s access/secret access codes. I then took the aws-key.pem from my old computer and downloaded it into my new computer. I moved it into ~/.ssh/. I then tried to use ssh -i … (same command I use on my old computer) to get access to the server, but I got a Permission denied (publickey). (The instance was running, btw!)

I have searched around Google and Stackexchange, but none of the solutions seem to help, perhaps because it does not match my situation of moving access from one computer to another.

Does anyone know what I could do to make this work? Am I doing something wrong here?


Hey ethan,

I am not sure, if this applies to your problem.
I had once a problem on my mac, because of the access rights of the public key.

Use the chmod command to make sure that your private key file isn’t publicly viewable. For example, if the name of your private key file is my-key-pair.pem, use the following command:
chmod 400 /path/my-key-pair.pem

Maybe you have to stop/start your EC2 instance again

Hello, thanks for the response!

Unfortunately, this did not seem to help. I still got the Permission Denied (publickey) error :frowning: