AWS Lambda to call Text Classifier Model

Hey all,

I am new to fastai but have really enjoyed all the classes and the forums so far. I recently created a text classification model using AWD LSTM for service desk tickets and it did a really great job of classifying. I am now trying to use this pretrained model with AWS Lambda and am struggling to get it to work. Right now I have the model exported as a pkl file and saved in an S3 bucket. I looked through the forums and it looks like there used to be a page that described how to do this for previous versions but those pages were taken down. I really appreciate any advice or help people can give!

If any one wants to know, I solved this by downloading and adding it to aws efs

Out of curiosity, did you try creating a Lambda deployment package with fastai? This is the approach I would have taken – wondering if you already gave this a shot and if you had any issues doing so.