AutoMunge tool for automated data wrangling

Hello to students.

I wanted to share that I’ve built an open source software tool for automated data wrangling which is available for free pip install in python. The tool is called AutoMunge and you can learn more about it at

Any feedback or feature requests are welcome. Please feel free to share with your friends! Thank you to Jeremy and team for the excellent MOOCs I have learned a lot from this forum and from the associated meetups hosted by the TWiML podcast.

Best Regards,
Nicholas Teague

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It’s a nice set of tools. However, huge downside - GPL v3 == no commercial use.
Do you have any plans to introduce more liberal licenses?

We’re figuring this out as we go along. Feedback always welcome.

My understanding was that using GPLv3 for commercial use is fine as long as you contribute any changes to the library itself back to open source, and make your changes publicly available.

Corporations do seem to be very afraid of the license though.

Your blanket statement about corporations reaks of an agenda. Please spread your FUD elsewhere.