AttributeError: module 'torch.nn.init' has no attribute 'kaiming_normal_'

Hi folks,
I’m working on old fastai version==0.7.0
I was working on the object detection part Lesson 8.
Untill yesterday , the following code was running fine.

learn = ConvLearner.pretrained(f_model, md, metrics=[accuracy])

But today when I was running it, I was getting the below error :-

AttributeError: module 'torch.nn.init' has no attribute 'kaiming_normal_

Its being thrown in this ‘/usr/local/lib/python3.6/dist-packages/torchvision/models/’

Can I get any help please.

P.S- I have used the following packages versions:-

!pip install fastai==0.7.0
!pip install torchtext==0.2.3
!pip install opencv-python
!apt update && apt install -y libsm6 libxext6
!pip3 install 
!pip install torchvision