AttributeError: 'LayerNorm2d' object has no attribute '_fast_norm'

I am getting this error on Lesson 3 2022 on my app.ipynb. Does anybody know how to fix this? Thanks

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Yes, I just got the same error message when I ran the “learn.predict(im)” command on my app.ipynb file. Since no one else has replied to this, it may not be an issue for anyone else.

Same thing here. Has anyone figured out a solution?

I actually found a solution that ending up working for me. I should have posted it, but since there wasn’t much activity I forgot to until now. I had originally uploaded the model.pkl directly from the class repository here: jph00/pets at main

When I got that error message I recreated the train.ipynb worksheet on my Kaggle site and reran the training model from scratch. When I downloaded that model.pkl file and used it in the app.ipynb worksheet I no longer received that error message and everything worked.

How did you recreate the train.ipynb file on Kaggle?

Just run the train.ipynb in kaggle and download the new model. That worked for me too!