Attending the class live online

I can not attend the class online today. Is there a link to join the live session online?


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I meant to say that I can not attend the class in person today. Is there link to join it live online?


I’m a live student so I cannot confirm of the other requirements/communications that are required to be done with USF, but the livestream link is shared usually 30-60 minutes before the class starts. Keep an eye out for “Lesson 9 thread” most probably it’ll be pinned at the top of the category.

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@pratixa check the general course section that’s pinned at the top of the forum. He usually posts the live link 30min -1hr before class.

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If we click the live link and tune in live, will we necessarily get credit for “attending”, or do we need to do something else (either before or after)? I am looking to attend remotely in a couple of weeks.