Array Formulas in Excel DNN Models

Sarada (@Moody) was kind enough to post Excel models of convolutions on GitHub. Since watching Jeremy’s demonstration of backpropagation with a spreadsheet, I went searching for more DNN spreadsheet models. Sarada’s treasure trove inspired me to update the convolution model for 5x5 kernels and turn it into a kernel testing and experimentation sheet.

I’ve uploaded it to GitHub HERE.

Thanks again, Sarada!


The spreadsheet is an excellent tool. Excel + VBA is outstanding for prototyping and concepting.

This is how the convolution in the original spreadheet was created (and modified):

  1. Select the top left cell of the output array.
  2. Expand the input arrays. (Arrows in screenshot below.)
  3. Press [Ctrl+Shift+Enter] (this creates an array formula).
  4. Drag the square handle of the edited output array cell down to fill the first column (or double-click it).
  5. Drag the square handle of the edited output array cell to the right to fill the rows.


  • Mind the padding (you have to add a border of zeroes as shown in the screenshot OR downsample the output array.)
  • Make sure to position the center cell of the kernel at the corner of the input array.