Are we supposed to start the Lesson 1 assignment after watching Lesson 2?

It seems that not everything in the Lesson 1 notebook is covered in the Lesson 1 video. Are we supposed to watch Lesson 2 before moving forward on the assignment?

I suspect that I should watch and go through the Lesson 2 video/notes material before fully engaging in the dogs/cats redux competition … but I would like confirmation either way.


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Ideally, you’re supposed to try, experiment and struggle with the assignment in a lesson and try your best to have something working before you move to the next lesson notebook, which provides a safety and insanity check.

Maybe this wiki would help?

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Thanks for the reply.

I’m working through assignment 1 before heading to lesson 2 and it just seemed like something was missing in terms of what was being asked for in the homework and what was actually covered in the lesson. It appears that what you struggle through in one week is reviewed and covered in the following.

yes, this is the pedagogical strategy that @rachel and @jeremy were encouraging us to take. All the conceptual ideas that you actually need to know is in the initial notebook and the lecture, but the hand-holding implementation steps are usually covered in the following notebook. You’ll find that looking back at the lectures to pick up and articulate the “hints” as helpful as looking forward to the “answers”. You’re not explicitly given instructions to how to accomplish of the lesson goals, but students share their strategies and questions in the forums as a way to struggle together and to “lift as you rise” in comprehending the material. Cheers, and welcome to this community!